Since its foundation in the year 2000, the Paldiski Evangeelne Meremisjon has been run as a non-profit association exclusively by volunteers. Since 2015 the institution has been managed by the Estonian Riina Kangro, after the longstanding Chairman Viktor Kudrjavtsev had retired for reasons of age. Riina can resort to a highly dedicated team: Jaanus Saat is Estonian and has been part of the team right from the beginning. He is a professional social worker, and he is responsible for on-board visits and for the club. In the autumn of 2017 he was elected mayor of Paldiski. Julia has also been a staff member from the very start. She is Russian, she works in the port authority North and pays on-board visits in the northern harbour. The Estonian Aeri, she is a professional librarian, provides the seamen access to the internet in the municipal library, affectionately called by them "Mother of the seamen". In addition, there is a number of occasional volunteers, among them the youth group "Uus Laine" (New swell). The Meremisjon maintains good relationships with the town council, the local pastor, the port authority and the seamen's trade union.

In 2015 the Paldiski Evangeelne Meremisjon celebrated its 15th anniversary. That is a small miracle - since the team, working at a high level of personal commitment and always standing on the brink of financial ruin, had to cope with many difficult years to keep alive the institution until now. The Meremisjon has become a social flagship project for Paldiski despite having only limited financial means available. It is the only contact point for seamen from all countries, who cast anchor in the two seaports. Apart from that there are no activities offered, no facilities throughout the town, where they can get human or organisational assistance. There is no place where they can forget just for some moments the separation from their families and their home, no place where their problems and fears are being listened to attentively.