As an organisation, the German Protestant Seamen's Mission has supported the Paldiski Evangelical Seamen's Mission with advice and assistance, as well as financially, from the very beginning. The future on-board counsellors were thoroughly prepared and trained for their tasks in May 2000 during a seminar in the town hall of Paldiski by retired Captain Wulf Plesmann, then head of the Kiel Seamen's Mission, and his wife, on behalf of the DESM.

In June 2000, rooms were rented in a prefabricated building for the operation of the Meremisjon, and office equipment including a PC, printer, fax and telephone was procured. The furniture for the equipment came from the North Elbian Diaconia through the DESM. When the rental contract for these rooms expired in 2005, a more suitable property was found in the centre, which was purchased for the Estonian Seamen's Mission Paldiski with financial support from the DESM. In the years that followed, the rooms were remodelled into a seamen's club by the organisation itself. In memory of Wulf Plesmann, who passed away in 2012, it bears the name "International Seamen's Club Wulf Plesmann". The club was extensively renovated again a few years ago. In addition to the large club room with bar, pool table and TV, there is an office with internet access for guests, a room for seamen to stay overnight and a toilet with washing facilities.

Supporting the commitment of Paldiski Evangeelne Meremisjon continues to be fundamentally important - as long as the Estonian state or the municipality of Paldiski does not provide sufficient funds for staff and operating costs for the facility and the transport multivan. In our experience, the Estonian authorities are far more interested if there is also concrete support for a project from Germany. Money is needed, for example, to pay electricity and telephone bills, heating costs, for the Multivan transporter, for the maintenance and expansion of the sailors' club, for the purchase of new equipment and much more.