Stiftung Seemannshilfe - Deutsche Evangelische Seemannsmission, formerly Deutsche Evangelische Seemannsmission e.V. (DESM), Berlin, has been working since 1895 with the assistance of the Evangelische Kirchen der Union [Prussian Union of Churches]. Since Stiftung Seemannshilfe is land-based, we do not support seafarers in a particular German maritime port, as do most of the other seamen's mission organisations. Instead, we render personnel support and financial aid whenever we are asked for help. This includes logistic and legal counselling as regards the cooperation with local, national and international authorities and organisations as well as financial assistance or providing materials, in order to ensure a regular support of seamen on board, on shore or at a seamen's club. We are currently concentrating our activities on the Paldiski Evangeelne Meremisjon in the Baltic seaport of Paldiski.


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